Steno Christmas Ornaments

Court reporting is not a mainstream profession. I mean, how many kids do you know that say they want to be a court reporter when they grow up? Heck, most of them don’t even know what we do or that the job even exists.

So it’s no surprise that it’s next to impossible to find court reporter Christmas Ornaments. That’s why I decided to design my own!

Ornaments are special to me. I like each one to remind me of something, such as a place or a time. I like them to represent me and who I am, just like the thousands of court reporters across the globe do.

Steno Christmas Ornaments

One thing that’s cool about steno, nobody else has a clue what it says. I designed this ornament to speak our language, and to also educate others about our profession. Who knows, maybe it will encourage a future court reporter or captioner?

And if you happen to be browsing for a gift for a court reporter you know, these ornaments say “Merry Christmas!”

 Steno Court Reporting Christmas Holiday Snowflake Pewter Christmas OrnamentCourt Reporter Christmas Ornaments Personalized Steno Court Reporter Double-Sided Ceramic Round Christmas OrnamentCourt Reporter Christmas Ornaments Steno Court Reporting Christmas Holiday Ceramic Ball Christmas OrnamentCourt Reporter Christmas Ornaments

Or if you prefer, “Happy Holidays!”

All of the ornaments except for the white Merry Christmas ones are fully customizeable. Change the steno to your theory, or change the background. Zazzle is very good about personalizing products.

 Happy Holidays Steno Ceramic OrnamentCourt Reporter Christmas Ornaments

The steno machine, the trusty court reporter’s sidekick. When I first started school, I had a love/hate relationship with mine. You know how it is, I’m all “I’m getting it! I’m getting it!….I lost it. If I’m honest, I still have a love/hate relationship with that thing. Sometimes your fingers just have a mind of their own.

So I decided to design an ornament that honors the symbol of our profession. The first one is in the traditional Christmas red and green, but to make it kind of funky I gave it an Andy Warhol spin. The green one is the very first court reporting ornament I designed. I combined the steno machine with the text “Merry Christmas.”

 Personalized Red Steno Court Reporter Double-Sided Ceramic Round Christmas OrnamentCourt Reporter Christmas Ornaments Court Reporter Christmas Ceramic Ball Christmas OrnamentCourt Reporter Christmas Ornaments

What would be cooler than a steno-themed tree? I think it would be really cute to have one in a court reporter’s office.

I hope you have yourself a very little steno Christmas this year!