With a Job Like Ours, You’ve Just got to Laugh

It’s been a tough week for me this week. Depos starting an hour late, attorneys waiting till the last minute to tell me, “oops, you know that depo from yesterday? I meant to tell you, I need it tomorrow.”

Sure, no problem.

By the weekend, I just want to veg.  

One of my favorite ways to zone out is by surfing the web, particularly Youtube. That’s a black hole right there, let me tell you. But, hey, it’s not like I’ve got transcripts or anything to work on.

I so just lied.

But I did find this humorous reporter video. These two have really got the court reporter routine down. It’s so funny because it’s things we do everyday. Watch out for around the 5:10 mark. If you’re a reporter, you’ll know the answer because you can relate.

If you’re a reporter, you’ll get this video. If you’re a student, you’ll eventually get it. If you just stumbled here by accident because you’re curious, trust us, it’s funny. 

So take a break from your steno endeavors this week and enjoy your court reporter workout.