Happy Day 4 of Court Reporting and Captioning Week!

Today I want to share with you something I would walk through shards of glass to get to. Heck, I’d sell my kid to get another one.

Curious about what it is?

It’s my Diamante.

I’d had a Mira A3 for a years and I loved it. But, you know how it is with the lure of a new machine. I did my research and settled on Brand X. Well, I hated Brand X. I tried for a year to make Brand X work. I finally felt like throwing Brand X out the window.

I called Stenograph and ordered a Diamante and never looked back. Cindy Krol called me a few weeks after I bought it and asked me how me and my Diamante were getting along. I told her I’d marry it if I could.

If you haven’t come into the 21st Century and bought a Diamante, please consider it. The touch is so light, and stacking is virtually non-existent. I love the large screen, the ability to adjust individual keys, and how light it is.

What’s your favorite reporting/captioning gadget?

Stenograph Diamante Machine Review