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Steno Brief Books

A Court Reporters Dream: To Write like the Wind If you as a reporter, captioner, or CART provider could have one wish, what would it be? A few might say less stress, (keep dreaming!) or doing something innovative with their weekend, like, I don’t know, relax instead of working on transcripts. A few others might […]

Practice and Perseverance: Keys to Succe...

Practice and Perseverance: Keys to Success in the Steno World

How do I Gain Writing Speed and Accuracy? Practice. It’s the last thing a court reporting student wants to hear. After you graduate, it’s a dirty word, too. I’m a working reporter, I’m on that machine all day. Why should I practice? Court reporting is the only profession I know of that improvement is made […]

Shout Out to the Hardworking Court Repor...

Funny Court Reporting Students School

Last Saturday, I took the CBC exam. I’m feeling hopeful about it, just have to wait forever and a day to find out if I really passed it or not. But I digress. The testing site was at my old alma mater, the Stenotype Institute of Jacksonville. It’s in a snazzy new building, a far […]

Stroke Intensive Theory? Become a Brief ...

court reporter gifts

Someone Smarter than me once Said: Write Short. Write Fast Phoenix Theory, I have a love/hate relationship with you. I love that you’ve made me a conflict-free writer. I’ve never had a word boundary problem. We’ve had 11 great, albeit laborious years together. You’ve been all I’ve known. I didn’t know there was something bigger […]

I Love Taking Certification Tests!

I Love Taking Certification Tests!

The RPR Certificate is Important (no, duh!) Funny Court Reporting RPR Quote 1 Inch Round Button In my career, I’ve come across two different types of reporters: Those who value certifications and those who don’t. I used to be in the latter group. I felt as if I were a competent reporter who didn’t need […]

New Product Line: Court Reporter Temper ...

Court reporter gifts

Funny Court Reporting Gifts I was amazed at the conduct of grown adults when I first became a court reporter. Sure, most everyone was friendly and professional, but then one day I got them. You know who I’m talking about because we’ve all had depos with them. Maybe it was the screamer who was mad because […]

Everything I Need to Know about Court Re...

Improving as a court reporter

If you’re a court reporter, you know that being a court reporter is not easy. If you’re not a reporter, trust me, you just have no clue. It’s downright difficult. And that’s not exaggerating either! When I was in court reporting school, I was no different from most students. I thought the hardest thing I’d ever […]

Carpal Tunnel Treatment without Surgery…

natural remedies carpal tunnel

The Non-Surgical Carpal Tunnel Treatment that Worked for Me I may only be a few years shy of 40, but I’ve been downright rough on my poor hands. I began piano lessons at the age of seven. I played the piano for my church for over 20 years. I’ve been a court reporter for 11 […]

Video: Court Reporter Workout

court reporter exercises

With a Job Like Ours, You’ve Just got to Laugh It’s been a tough week for me this week. Depos starting an hour late, attorneys waiting till the last minute to tell me, “oops, you know that depo from yesterday? I meant to tell you, I need it tomorrow.” Sure, no problem. By the weekend, […]

Why Writing Realtime is Like is like Bei...

Why Writing Realtime is Like is like Being Naked when you Meet a Stranger

  I’m a pretty busy mother/caretaker/soon-to-be wife. So I don’t have many hours in the day to just sit in front of the TV and veg. Needless to say, when it comes to what’s hot on the tube, I’m clueless. Last week — and do not ask me how and why it was on — […]