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5 Things you Should Know Before you Cons...

What to know before you start court reporting school

Well, I’m finally home from my VITAC training. It was a tad cold up in Pennsylvania for this Florida girl, but I did get to see some flurries and that made everything all right. My equipment came and I’ve been in training for the past few weeks. I’m so excited, I can’t wait till I […]

Tons and Tons of Court Reporter Steno Br...

Steno Brief Books

A Court Reporters Dream: To Write like the Wind If you as a reporter, captioner, or CART provider could have one wish, what would it be? A few might say less stress, (keep dreaming!) or doing something innovative with their weekend, like, I don’t know, relax instead of working on transcripts. A few others might […]

Practice and Perseverance: Keys to Succe...

Practice and Perseverance: Keys to Success in the Steno World

How do I Gain Writing Speed and Accuracy? Practice. It’s the last thing a court reporting student wants to hear. After you graduate, it’s a dirty word, too. I’m a working reporter, I’m on that machine all day. Why should I practice? Court reporting is the only profession I know of that improvement is made […]

Shout Out to the Hardworking Court Repor...

Funny Court Reporting Students School

Last Saturday, I took the CBC exam. I’m feeling hopeful about it, just have to wait forever and a day to find out if I really passed it or not. But I digress. The testing site was at my old alma mater, the Stenotype Institute of Jacksonville. It’s in a snazzy new building, a far […]

Stroke Intensive Theory? Become a Brief ...

court reporter gifts

Someone Smarter than me once Said: Write Short. Write Fast Phoenix Theory, I have a love/hate relationship with you. I love that you’ve made me a conflict-free writer. I’ve never had a word boundary problem. We’ve had 11 great, albeit laborious years together. You’ve been all I’ve known. I didn’t know there was something bigger […]

I Love Taking Certification Tests!

I Love Taking Certification Tests!

The RPR Certificate is Important (no, duh!) Funny Court Reporting RPR Quote 1 Inch Round Button In my career, I’ve come across two different types of reporters: Those who value certifications and those who don’t. I used to be in the latter group. I felt as if I were a competent reporter who didn’t need […]

New Product Line: Court Reporter Temper ...

Court reporter gifts

Funny Court Reporting Gifts I was amazed at the conduct of grown adults when I first became a court reporter. Sure, most everyone was friendly and professional, but then one day I got them. You know who I’m talking about because we’ve all had depos with them. Maybe it was the screamer who was mad because […]

Everything I Need to Know about Court Re...

Improving as a court reporter

If you’re a court reporter, you know that being a court reporter is not easy. If you’re not a reporter, trust me, you just have no clue. It’s downright difficult. And that’s not exaggerating either! When I was in court reporting school, I was no different from most students. I thought the hardest thing I’d ever […]

Carpal Tunnel Treatment without Surgery…

natural remedies carpal tunnel

The Non-Surgical Carpal Tunnel Treatment that Worked for Me I may only be a few years shy of 40, but I’ve been downright rough on my poor hands. I began piano lessons at the age of seven. I played the piano for my church for over 20 years. I’ve been a court reporter for 11 […]

Video: Court Reporter Workout

court reporter exercises

With a Job Like Ours, You’ve Just got to Laugh It’s been a tough week for me this week. Depos starting an hour late, attorneys waiting till the last minute to tell me, “oops, you know that depo from yesterday? I meant to tell you, I need it tomorrow.” Sure, no problem. By the weekend, […]